Aitor Basauri - director of Shake!!!

An actor and director originally from Spain, Aitor Basauri holds a degree in philosophy (Universidad de Deusto) and also in theatre (Centro Andaluz de Teatro, Séville). In the course of his studies, he collaborated with several theatre companies from the Spanish region of Andalousia. He then settled in London, where he had the opportunity to train with Philippe Gaulier. He discovered there what would become the basis of his theatrical approach: with pleasure and “fun”, every actor can play the character of his dreams, everything can be played. In 1997, after a few years of acting in England, Aitor worked with the famous swiss company Karl’s Kühne Gassenschau (KKG), performing in the shows Grand Paradise, Stau (Rupture) and also a national tour with the Knie circus.


Within KKG, Aitor became convinced of his love for comedy. He realised that tragedy does not exist without comedy, and that the greatest tragedies give birth to the most beautiful comedies. To explore this theatrical field, Aitor and three other actors created the company Spymonkey. Since its conception at the end of the 1990s, Spymonkey have created many shows and performed them all around the world: Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Switzerland, Hongaria, Romainia, Taiwan, United States, etc. - and of course in England, where the company is based. Spymonkey have also collaborated with Cirque du Soleil and major television channels including the BBC and HBO. The different nationalities and senses of humour of the actors are the essence and the source of Spymonkey’s shows.

Aitor also teaches the art of comedy by leading workshops in different countries around the world.